Does being behind with the Taxman cause you worry and stress?


Do you have outstanding income tax returns, business activity statements or other tax lodgements?  Are you worried that you will receive massive penalties and fines once you lodge your outstanding returns?

Over the years we have helped many clients get up to date with their tax affairs and what we consistently find is that a client’s worry of massive penalties and fines is unnecessary. We help make it easy for you to get up to date with your outstanding returns and there is no need for you to have direct contact with the taxman, as we do that for you.

No matter how far behind you are with the taxman we can help. For example we recently helped one client that had 14 years of outstanding tax returns.

Whether you are an individual, business, superannuation fund or family group we can assist you in getting your tax affairs up to date.

If you want to take the next step please contact Graeme Bellach and Joel Halbert on (02) 9683 5999.